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Conrad Ott

Ott was named Superintendent of the Akron Public School system in 1966 and served in that capacity for 25 years until his retirement in 1991. In addition to his many duties in overseeing the operations of the school system, he took a keen interest in its athletic programs. His imprint was instrumental in developing many of the sports programs. He was one of the main backers of introducing a number of sports to the middle schools. He believed that this would improve the caliber of play when these students reached the high school level. Most coaches at that time agreed that the fundamentals taught at the middle school level had a major impact on the future athletes success. His interest didn’t stop there. Throughout his tenure as superintendent he would personally get involved in the selection of coaches throughout the system and be a cheerleader when their teams would be successful. Even going so far as to personally hand deliver letters of congratulations to coaches of championship teams and make a phone call to express his interest and check to see what he could do to improve the program. In other words, he was very aware of the action on the various athletic fields. He attended the traditional Friday night football and basketball games on a regular basis. He and his staff took an active interest in sports and knew the importance of athletics in the development of young people. The most visible sign demonstrating his support of athletics was his introduction of the “Yellow Jackets”. Members of his administration staff wore yellow sports jackets to the games. Easily recognizable, they showed the students and those adults attending how important athletics was to his administration. Ott was a graduate of Eastern Kentucky State University and received his Master of Arts degree in education from the University of Kentucky. He served 16 years in the Louisville school system before he came to Akron. Ott was 83 when he passed away in 2010.

Inducted 2015 | Administrator