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Charles C. Hostetler

This Pennsylvania native who grew up in Ravenna had a rather topsy-turvy career. Got his start in baseball on Speed Bosworth's General Tire team. In 1928, at the age of 25, Roger Hornsby saw one of General's games and signed Hostetler on the spot. After a season at Providence he was back in Akron playing in the Central League. Later he moved to the Western League playing with Tulsa and Topeka and finally retired in the late '30s. However, unbelievably, the Detroit Tigers resurrected him at an age when most players have retired - 41 - in 1944. Hostetler, an outfielder responded by batting .298 in 90 games. A year later, Hostetler could only manage a .159 average in a pinch hitting role. However, the Tigers captured the American League pennant and went on to defeat the Chicago Cubs in the 1945 World Series. His two seasons in the majors were memorable ones for Chuck Hostetler.

Inducted 1964 | Baseball