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William J. Laub

During his post-football years, Laub was Akron mayor, city manager, and U.S. commissioner. That was far removed from his abilities as a football player, coach, and organizer. All told, he crowded in 13 seasons of competitive football between 1893 and 1906, starting at Akron High where he captained the team in 1895. Laub worked his way through four years of college and three of law school, managing five years of football and captaining three grid varsities. He coached Akron High in 1903, an Akron pro team in 1904, and the Canton Bulldogs in 1905, also playing with the latter two clubs. The canton talent was so good enough to beat the Carlisle Indians of the pre-Jim Thorpe era by two touchdowns.

Inducted 1965 | Football, Coach