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Rosemary Kelly

These two lady keglers had been bowling together for over 21 years by 1974. Their biggest claim to fame was winning the Ohio Doubles Championship in 1961 with a score of 1312 - a World Record at that time. They began their doubles career at the old Olympic Lanes. Mary Lou got her start at the age of nine in her dad's Bowland. She rolled in her first National All-Star Tournament in Omaha where she placed 20th. Mary Lou has won the Beacon Journal Classic, was Bowlerette of the Year on several occasions and many times winner in the City Tourney. Rosemary got her bowling start in Germany at an American military camp in 1949. She was named a member of the BJ All-Star team five times and Bowlerette of the Year three times. Both Mary Lou and Rosemary were long-time professional bowlers.

Inducted 1974 | Bowling