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Louise Molenaur

This distaff bowling duo gained fame and entry into the Hall of Fame by winning the Central States Doubles Championship in 1960. They also won the City Doubles title that same year in what may have been their best effort. They won many honors prior to that time including many selections to the Beacon Journal Ladies All-Star teams in the early 50s. They were members of the great ABC Cleaners team, certainly one of the best in the history of local bowling. Other members were Donna Zimmerman, Ruby Loy, Dotty Focht and Goldie Duffy - all Hall of Famers. Later, as the Bowlers Pride Grip team, they finished fourth in the WIBC Tourney in Denver. Lou's personal scoring highs are 685 series and a 279 game and Jo's personal scoring highs are a 665 series and a 279 game.

Inducted 1975 | Bowling