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George Ellis

George was Akron's first official to reach the professional sports level. Encouraged by veterans like Titus Lobach and Dave Klocker, George began first to officiate basketball contests, then football and baseball. His ability quickly recognized and in a few short years he was called to work high school playoffs and championship games, and then advanced into college competition. He quickly was certified by the Mid-American Conference and then the Big 10 - the first from Akron to reach that level. During the 1960s, George served in the American Football League, then the Continental League and finally in 1968 he got the call to join the National Football League (NFL). He served in the NFL until illness sidelined him in 1973. His 30-year career as an official was cut short by his death at the age of 54 in 1974.

Inducted 1978 | Official