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George Kochan

In his heyday his pals were Jack Dempsey, Jimmy Braddock and Tex Sullivan and he appeared in a movie with Richard Widmark. As you might suspect, boxing was Kochan's claim to fame. The Akron native fought professionally from 1941 to 1948 and compiled a record of 44 wins, 21 defeats and 11 draws. Although Kochan weighed 158 pounds in fighting trim, he sometimes fought heavyweights. Ring Magazine published Nat Loubet said, "George never side-stepped a possible opponent, fought everybody tossed at him and will be remembered by the fans of Madison Square Garden for this crowd-pleasing style." Although Kochan got top billing in New York, he never got a title fight. He fought and lost to Jake LaMotta, the future middleweight champion. while never a champion, Kochan fought some of the best fighters of his time.

Inducted 1982 | Boxing