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Fred Golding

During the basketball seasons from 1955-1959 when The University of Akron posted consecutive marks of: 18-6, 18-7, 20-6, and 21-2, the Zips depended on the rebounding of Allen Frederick Golding. Red Auerbach, the former Boston Celtics basketball coach, was asked the key to his fast break offense. The famed cage mentor simply turned and pointed out to the practice floor to Bill Russell. The 6-7 Golding, who time and time again, grabbed the rebound and started the Zip fast break, was the Russell of UA basketball. The four-year varsity letterman was so adept at his skill that his career mark of 1,360 rebounds, including 400 during the 1956-57 season, remain Zip records to this day. In addition, his average of 14 rebounds per game during the 1956-57 season has yet to be topped. In 1980, Golding was duly inducted into UA's Sports Hall of Fame.

Inducted 1987 | Basketball