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Bill Bertka

Bertka never played in the National Basketball Association and his last head coaching job was in 1961. Rather, the Buchtel High grad earned his position as Pat Riley's assistant for four world NBA championship seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers the hard way - as a super scout who charted hundreds and hundreds of basketball games. He still owns and operates, along with his wife, Solveig, reputedly the largest basketball scouting service in the country - Bertka's Views. Bertka's last head coaching job was at his alma mater, Kent State, from 1957-61. In 1968, the Lakers hired him as their head scout and he quickly gained a reputation as one of the best. In 1973, Bertka joined the fledgling New Orleans Jazz (later Utah) NBA franchise, serving as personnel director and later as an assistant coach. He rejoined the Lakers after Riley was named head coach in 1981. The rest is NBA history. With the help of a couple of guys named Magic and Kareem, the team won world championships in 1982, '85, '87 and '88.

Inducted 1989 | Administrator