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Guy "Red" Zimmerman

This versatile athlete, who played football, basketball and baseball at Buchtel College (BC) from 1909 till 1913, is unique in the athletic history of The University of Akron. According to all available records, Zimmerman is the only UA athlete to earn four letters in each sport. No UA athlete before or since Buchtel College became The University of Akron in 1913, has anyone earned 12 letters. Zimmerman, who played tackle, guard, end and fullback in football, joined Hall of Famers Lee Jackson, Joe Wilhoyt and Ralph Waldsmith in 1910 to put BC in the limelight with a 7-2 record. Included in the fine season was a 3-0 victory over Ohio Conference Champion, Oberlin. In 1912, the Akron Times reported in its All-Ohio team story, "there is perhaps no tackle in the state that will show up any better than "Red" Zimmerman." He went on to play two seasons of professional ball with the Canton Bulldogs. In basketball, Guy, who played center and guard, served as captain of the 1913 cagers who compiled a 7-1 record that included victories over Ohio State and Michigan State. Years later, Frank Haggerty, another Hall of Famer, who coached Zimmerman in all three sports, wrote, "I've never seen a more conscientious worker that Guy." In 1976, Zimmerman, who passed away in May 1964, was inducted into UA's Sports Hall of Fame.

Inducted 1993 | Football, Basketball