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Joseph Papp

It was Russ Beichly, Hall of Fame basketball coach at The University of Akron, who talked Joe Papp out of going to Duquesne but, it was UA football coach Paul Baldacci who got the benefit. After playing part of the 1942-43 basketball season under Beichly, Papp was off to World War II. At the war’s end, Papp returned to the UA campus in 1946 in time to help restart football, after three-years of inactivity. That season, Papp, a two-way end, caught enough passes from Hall of Famer Whitey Wahl to help the Zippers win five of nine contests. For his effort, Papp was voted first team All-Ohio Conference and second team All-Ohio. Papp said the honor came because of his “glue-fingered pass catching,” while the Akron Beacon Journal stated, “Papp had his day in the spotlight and went on to play two more seasons of football and three seasons of baseball for Beichly. Papp was inducted into UA’s Sports Hall of Fame in 1989.

Inducted 1995 | Baseball, Football, Basketball