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David Jacoby

As a young man David Jacoby got used to doing the heavy chores, he shoveled coat and baled hay. After high school he got a job in a brick yard and today he is a dock worker for Yellow Freight Trucking in Richfield. He was strong and able to lift things. At the age of 24 this Stark County resident’s lifting ability led him into powerlifting under the guidance of Pep Wahl at The Body Builders Gym, Inc., of Akron. Three years late, in August, 1984, with 240 muscular pounds packed into his 5-10 frame, Jacoby astonished himself and the weightlifting world by capturing the first of eight U.S. National Powerlifting gold medals in the 242-pound division. Three months hence, in Dallas, TX, the former Sandy Valley High School wrestler, won the first of five world championships. Jacoby not only won the competition involving 25 countries, he won big by 130 pounds – hoisting 788 pounds from the squat, 501 pounds in the bench press and 771 pounds in the deadlift. After that first U.S. national title, Jacoby went on a tear winning in 1985 thru ’89 and then again in 1991 and ’92. Besides 1984, he captured the world championships in 1985, ’87, ’88 and 1991. In 1988, Jacoby was inducted into the Ohio Branch of the U.S. Powerlifting Federation Hall of Fame.

Inducted 1995 | Powerlifting