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Robert G. Roush

As a skinny 80-pound freshman athlete at Akron South High School in 1926, Bob Roush made a decision that changed his life. Not pleased with his physique, Roush began an exercise and weightlifting program that he would continue throughout his life. Four years and 80 more pounds later he could clean and jerk 260 pounds. In 1933, while competing at the World¹s Fair in Chicago, the 5-11, 175 pounder established a world¹s record for one arm pull-ups while holding a 30-pound weight in his other hand. A year later, Roush began a three-year career of professional wrestling - compiling a record of 155 wins and only six losses. He managed several local gymnasiums and weightlifting clubs before joining the police department at the B.F. Goodrich Company in 1939. After serving with the U.S. Army in Europe during WW II, Roush returned to Goodrich where he rose to chief of security before retiring in 1974. In 1965 he began competing and organizing athletic competition for seniors. When the Ohio Senior Olympics became a reality in 1981, Roush was ready to make his mark that would eventually qualify him for his induction tonight. Over the next 15 years, while competing in 21 different events in various age groups, Roush captured over 150 gold, silver and bronze medals in regional and state championships in Senior Olympics in Ohio and Florida. Not one to boast or show off, all of Roush¹s medal¹s have been donated to the Ohio Special Olympics for the physically impaired.

Inducted 1998 | Powerlifting, Wrestling