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Judy Carroll

Carroll's recognition as recipient of Senior Athlete award could just as easily have been for her role-model status that she's established for countless senior athletes. Carroll began running in 1979 to relieve stress. "I was dealing with a lot of stress, and running seemed to help," Carroll said. To put it mildly, Carroll has done it all. She has competed in more than 20 marathons, and has on numerous occasions been the overall winner or first-place finisher in age-group competitions. In 1992 she earned Run Magazine's Female Grandmaster athlete award and she finished third in her age group in the 1995 Boston Marathon. In 1997 and '98, she finished second in the national cycling time trials. Carroll has recorded career best times of 19:42 in the 5K, 33:03 in the 5-mile run, 41:15 in the 10K, 64:58 in the 15K, 1:31:13 in the half-marathon and 3:21 in the marathon. She has competed internationally, winning the 1997 and '99 World Duathlon (running and cycling) in Spain and South Carolina, respectively, and finishing second in the 1998 event in Germany. Also in 1998 she won the overall Michigan Series Senior Athlete Award, the Grandmaster Ohio Series and was named Duathlon Master of the Year. She attained All-America status in 1995, '97 and '98. "I am deeply committed to promoting a fitness lifestyle to my over-40 peers, and I want to stress how it will add many quality years to one's life," Carroll said. The 59-year old Carroll, who resides in Kent, is manager of the Silver Pheasant Restaurant in Stow, and has five children, John, Jim, Joey, Candy and Nikki.

Inducted 2001 | Track & Field